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Experts in our back offices, focus particularly on Human Resources, finance, IT, and Sales. Whether you’re a manager, a subject matter expert or just starting out as an apprentice, your work will be highly valued.

We have a wide range of stakeholders internally and externally so our responsibility is to make sure our client are happy but most importantly our employees. Integral ae striving forward and our central function team help the business to do so, if you are looking for change and determined to offer excellence have a look at what vacancies we have to offer.

Wendy’s story:

How Long have you been with Integral?

It’s almost been 7 years, I started as part of the admin team and progressed to Kevin Doughty’s Personal Assistant.

What do you think of integral?

I think it is a good place to work, the people are lovely and you learn a lot of from each other. The company is expanding and every day is a completely different challenge. My work at integral is very reactive and fast passed, I have to coordinate, organise and make sure all processes adhered to.

Would you recommend Integral?

Yes! I would definitely recommend integral especially with the JLL merge, opportunities are endless and the amount of development available is brilliant!

What advice would you give when applying for jobs?

I would say, be yourself. Get researching on what we do so that you can understand integral better. We have a fair few processes so take time to review this but don’t be afraid to ask questions!

What’s been your favourite day working for integral?

I have a fair few favourite days to say the least, one of which was when JLL bought integral. Another favourite day of mine was when I saved money for recruitment purposes. Most importantly, Integral have been disabled friendly, and have done whatever they can to keep me happy in my job even though I am in a wheel chair which shows how accommodating the people are here.

Do you have any career ambitions?

I love to manage change and managing people so I think that would be a great challenge for me.

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