Ian Cox

Ian Cox

Technical Supervisor / Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor

What a year, signed up for this course (which was paid for by Integral UK Ltd) back in September 2018. I didn’t really know what to expect from the course and what it would expect from me!

Firstly, I met up with our tutor Zoe Brown who was very excited at the prospect of coaching me through the various modules of the course, I was very sceptical that I would be able to complete the amount of work required and also carry out my day to day duties, Zoe very quickly set to work settling me down and helping me complete the required level 2 qualifications in English and maths. During this time, we met once a month, guiding me through the various modules and teaching me how to apply the learning behaviours into my working life.

Zoe’s coaching style was very suited to my learning style, she was at times very patient with me as some modules were a lot harder than others but eventually they began to stick and make sense. The online training portal was also a good tool to use, I found this very helpful at times, but not always.

You will Improve your Leadership Knowledge, Skills and behaviours, understanding of leadership roles and improve your communication skills with a better understanding of emotional intelligence and when to apply these when implementing change. This has greatly improved my management style and my self-awareness helping me be a much better communicator.

I have enjoyed the apprenticeship course and would strongly recommend this course to others.

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