Chelsea Bowen

Chelsea Bowen

Level 2 Business Administration Apprentice, Birmingham

I left school in 2014 and went to college for a few years while working a part time retail job. However I had always wanted to do an apprenticeship and when I saw the opportunity with Integral, a company I had already heard of, I chose to apply. The job role sounded like it would suit me and the pay was good for an apprentice.

I was attracted to an apprenticeship because I wanted to gain experience and on-the-job practical training, as well as tutoring towards a qualification, all while receiving a wage. I also liked the idea of moving seamlessly into full-time employment once the course finishes.

Fired up

I get inspired by having targets and ambitions in life that I can work towards – both at work and in my personal life. Choosing an apprenticeship has enabled me to earn and learn, so I am achieving both – and I have even been able to buy my own home and pay for a mortgage, while learning and gaining skills.

I enjoy being busy with having plenty to do and I have a great sense of achievement when I finish it all. Getting praised by managers and my colleagues makes me feel appreciated and helps keep me motivated and fired up at work.

Career skills

My business administration apprenticeship is helping me to develop excellent communication skills and the ability to deal with a huge variety of people, company systems and processes, giving me options for my future career path with Integral and beyond. I hope to stay with Integral for a long time as I enjoy the environment I work in and being part of a team where everyone is so friendly, which makes work more enjoyable. I have gained a lot of computer skills and have built up my understanding of a variety of different software that I’ve never used before.

I would tell anyone who is considering an apprenticeship to go for it, as having experience in your chosen field, combined with a qualification, will give you the edge over others and be very attractive to employers when you’re applying for other jobs in the future.

Proud to help deliver excellence

Integral help keep so many other large businesses and organisations running smoothly by delivering round the clock engineering and maintenance solutions. Our engineers go the extra mile by working out of hours to suit all business needs and the demands of our contractors. I’m proud to work for a successful and well known company, providing the administrative support that helps us and our clients stay on top of the management information that is required.

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