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We’re proud of all our fantastic apprentices and were delighted to support National Apprenticeship Week 2020. Here we shine a spotlight on just a few of them, from engineers to operations managers, who are blazing their own trail to unlock exciting career opportunities and bring significant value to our business.

Take a look at their profiles to find out more about what gets them fired up.

apprentice profiles

Dan Gray

Electrical Engineer

Completing a Level 3 Management Apprenticeship

Nathan Earl

Plumbing Apprentice Engineer

Completing a Level 2 Plumbing Apprenticeship

Warren Lloyd

Operations Manager Level 5 apprenticeship

The apprentice course is going very well so far, it is quiet stimulating networking through the course with other candidates from various departments in the company and at different levels.

I think Integral getting involved in this program is proving to be successful and motivating for the employees that are driven to further their careers and progress though the company. It great to be able to offer and support a career improvement opportunity for the employees.

Charles Dryden

Health and Safety apprenticeship

I have found that the apprenticeship has provided a really good focal point for my new Health & Safety role. The learning very much goes hand in hand with the type of work I am doing in my day to day role, and gives me a greater understanding of the underlying crucial importance of health and safety within a company like Integral.

Scott Cox

BA (Hons) CMA Degree apprenticeship

I would also like to say that being on the BA (Hons) CMA Degree Apprenticeship is one of the best things I have ever done! Hopefully it will spring board me to Director level within the company for which I aspire to. I cannot recommend this course enough to anyone!!
Thanks Integral!

Victoria Daley

Supervisor/Team Leader Level 3 apprenticeship

I am over half way through my Remit course and am really reaping the benefits of the coaching by Mark. Not only have my eyes been opened to some highly effective management techniques I have been upskilled to the point that I have applied for a more senior role within the company, during my interview I combined my knowledge with the skills learnt during my course to showcase my managerial style and have since received the fabulous news that I have been offered the position of Service Delivery Manager for the National Operations Centre.

Alex Goldie

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the apprenticeship programme and have learnt a lot of new things. I would highly recommend that anyone considering enrolling on the scheme takes up this great learning opportunity”.

Ian Cox

Technical Supervisor / Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor

What a year, signed up for this course (which was paid for by Integral UK Ltd) back in September 2018. I didn’t really know what to expect from the course and what it would expect from me!

Julie Seymour

“I am enjoying my training course and am learning so much about myself and my role that I was not aware of so I feel it is helping to round out my knowledge to help me improve myself within my job role and help me with an understanding to progress further in my career.”.

Kris Evans

My experience as an apprentice doing the Team Leader Level 3 course has been eye opening to say the least, the knowledge that you can gain from the course and put into practice whilst doing your day job managing people is invaluable.

Chelsea Bowen

Level 2 Business Administration Apprentice, Birmingham

I left school in 2014 and went to college for a few years while working a part time retail job. However I had always wanted to do an apprenticeship and when I saw the opportunity with Integral, a company I had already heard of, I chose to apply. The job role sounded like it would suit me and the pay was good for an apprentice.

John Rain

National Health, Safety & Environmental Manager
Level 5 Operation Manager Apprentice

I left school in 1983 and joined a local plumbing firm where I became a plumbing apprentice, studying on day release over a four year period. From this I learned all about the different aspects of the building trade, and subsequently continued my education with a Higher National Certificate in Building Studies.

Edward Maniago

Electro Technical Level 3 Apprentice

I wanted to get into electrical work and an apprenticeship seemed a very good way to learn on the job, get experience and work at the same time as well as earn money. If like myself, you are quite practically minded, it is an easier way to learn, rather than pure academics. I researched Integral and discovered they were a reliable company who look after their staff and so decided that this would be the place for me to develop my career.

Joe Chadwick

Heating & Ventilation Apprentice, Level 2, Liverpool

I had heard about how big Integral was as a company before I applied for my apprenticeship, and was excited at the future career prospects this offered. I chose an apprenticeship as it gave me the chance to learn a trade, while getting hands on experience working with highly skilled professionals.

Ethan Mahoney-Roberts

HSE Apprentice, Birchwood

I chose an apprenticeship as I think they are a brilliant way into the field you would like to get into and ideal for achieving relevant learning and experience for a job. No matter how much bookwork you complete, companies will always look for experience and want you to hit the ground running, so working, while learning new skills, was the route I wanted to take.

Sara Morton

Level 5 Management Apprentice

When I left school I was a waitress but over the years I have worked in various organisations as a Case Manager, Service Delivery Manager, Customer Service Advisor & Business Coordinator.

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